Breathe life into your writing! Breathe life into your writing! Breathe life into your writing!

Book cover design for Away with the Faeries

Book cover design for Get Off Your Arse

Book cover design for Process & Prosper

Book cover design for Five Deadly Sins

Book cover design for Nine Drawings

Book cover design for Let's Learn First Aid


Design, typesetting & book creation for self-publishing authors who want a beautifully professional finish.

Imagine this: you’ve now finished writing your book and you want to self-publish it. All you need to do is to find that special someone who can help you achieve a beautifully professional finished product.

Well, you can stop imagining — you’ve found Extrabold Books!

Everyone judges a book by its cover!*

*It may be a cliché, but it’s true, unfortunately. As an author, all those words you’ve sweated over will probably only be read if your book’s cover and page design attract people and neatly summarise its contents.

You’ve got just seconds for your book to make an extrabold impression, online or on a bookseller’s shelf. With the help of Extrabold Books, your self-published book’s design can really sell it:

  • Cover design: at Extrabold Books I specialise in book design — as a result, I can arrive quickly at a cover design for your book that works, whatever the book’s genre or target audience. Find out more about book cover design

  • Book typesetting and page design: After looking at the cover, the next buying-decision stage is the ‘flick through’, either preview pages online or a physical flick of the pages. So many elements influence people: the fonts, sizing, spacing, illustrations, heading styles... it’s a surprisingly long list. Draw on my expertise to ensure your book’s pages are designed and typeset in a way that enhances and complements your content. Find out more about book typesetting and page design

Paul Williams: book cover designer, book typesetter and ebook creator

Whatever stage you’re at with your book project, Extrabold Books can help. Starting with an informal discussion, you’ll find that the process of making your book extrabold and bringing it into the world can be stress-free, professional and rewarding. Contact Extrabold Books for a chat