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Design portfolio
Book typesetting & cover design

Your book, designed to look its best.

Here are some examples of completed books and book covers, illustrating the quality of work you can expect from Extrabold Books.

Whatever your book’s genre or audience, critical to its success is a cover design that vividly conveys its content and sells that to your prospective readers.

Equally important is the style and execution of the text pages, ensuring that the completed book reads well and is an accomplished and satisfying whole.

Give your book the design it deserves: get in touch today to find out more about Extrabold’s cover design and text typesetting services.

Away with the Færies fantasy novel book typesetting and cover design

Away with the Færies book

Madeleine Cook

Maddie, a young writer writing for teenagers, was about to self-publish her debut fantasy novel on the Amazon® CreateSpace™ platform, and wanted a professional and striking cover design that would attract potential readers to her work. A lovingly-crafted photo montage brought to life the mood she wanted to get across, coupled with custom title typography. Full book text typesetting completed the job, all provided in the correct, press-ready format files for Maddie to upload for publication. To look at an interactive page-turning version of part of the book, tap here. If you, or someone you know, would like to read the book, you can buy a copy here.

Five Deadly Sins self-help book typesetting and cover design

Five Deadly Sins book

Steve Lazarus

Steve, an expert insurance loss assessor, wanted to self-publish his helpful book, about avoiding the perils of insurance claims, and wanted a bold cover reminiscent of a certain leading player in self-help books without blatantly copying them. Not only that, but the cover had to accommodate one of the longest book titles ever and still be impactful! The book was completed with full text typesetting and press-ready files were supplied to Steve for him to upload to an on-demand book printing website for production. He was very pleased with the finished product, saying “My book arrived and it looks great. In fact when I posted it on Facebook I got more comments and likes than ever before.”

Process & Prosper! self-help book typesetting and cover design

Process & Prosper! book cover

Wendy Harrington

Wendy needed a cover designing for her new book and she needed it fast — it was going to press in two days! She was delighted with the result: a simple, attractive, uplifting (no pun intended) and immediate design, with totally royalty-free imagery, presented press-ready on deadline.

Get Off Your Arse business self-help book typesetting and cover design

Get Off Your Arse books

Brad Burton

A motivational business book, primarily aimed at the self-employed, and its sequel. With no publisher on board Brad wanted to achieve a quality of presentation that a lot of self-published books don’t reach. The cover and text page design strikes a balance between edginess and professionalism, conveying the character of the author and the brass tacks stream-of-consciousness style of the writing. Don’t those covers just scream for attention? For more information about Brad and his books (plus links to buy them), go to his website here.

BradCamp hardback notebook cover design

BradCamp notebook

Brad Burton

Brad needed a slew of materials to accompany his regular life-and-business bootcamps, and as part of this wanted a branded hardback notebook. The result was these smart, lively-looking books that help form part of the overall get-up-and-go look for BradCamp and provide not just an aide-mémoire but a memento of the day worth keeping.

Nine Drawings memoir book typesetting and cover design

Nine Drawings book

Barry Cook

Barry had spent five years writing a book that was, in his words, “part memoir, part fantasy, part social document”, and wanted to create a professional-looking paperback version of it that would reflect his work and that he could give copies of to family and friends as a gift. The finished product reflects the love and care that has gone into writing it, with the text pages set out in a neat and subtle format that helps the reader through the narrative, and a cover that is at once evocative and wistful — if slightly unsettling — giving a sense of what is expressed in the book. On-demand printing, coupled with an accomplished finished look, meant he could keep it as a limited run or confidently go ahead and publish if he wished, to share with a wider audience.

101 Habits consumer rights self-help book typesetting and cover design

101 Habits book

Helen Dewdney a.k.a. The Complaining Cow

An established force in consumer rights, Helen had written this direct book of tips on the subject of complaining. She had already had some work done on the cover, so the task here was to take that and complete it, and to complement that look in the text page design. The challenge with the page design was to arrive at a clear, attractive standard layout that allowed for adequate text sizes whilst accommodating widely varying amounts of text on a page. The artwork was completed with the inclusion of suitable icon graphics sourced by Helen from Noun Project. The book was then also formatted for e-book for simultaneous publication.

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