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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation—Just for Pedants?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are probably the top things that people most hate having corrected in public. Spend any time at all on social media and, before long, you’ll see someone pulled up on there/their/they’re. An indignant rebuttal will almost certainly follow, and the bystanders will be getting their popcorn out. What you’ll also notice about social media, however, is that it’s where immediacy takes precedence over accuracy. That’s understandable where being in the moment…

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Time, and the Benefits of Doing ‘Nothing’

Like most graphic designers, I earn a living by selling my time. The time I spend, or anticipate spending, actually working on a project—what I call ‘studio time’—dictates how much I charge. Well, that’s the theory, anyway. Time is an important component in the development of an effective design. We’ve all come across products, and designs, that might have benefitted from more time having been spent on their development. There’s the bug-ridden software, for example;…

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