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Book Design Case Study: Get Off Your Arse by Brad Burton

The first ever book I designed, and typeset, was a self-help business book, provocatively titled Get Off Your Arse. For its author, business networking entrepreneur Brad Burton, it was his first foray into writing and self-publishing. There was a lot riding on the book’s success, and it was a challenge for everyone involved. The project was about much more than Brad becoming a published author—there was a sound marketing plan behind it. A canny guerrilla…

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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation—Just for Pedants?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are probably the top things that people most hate having corrected in public. Spend any time at all on social media and, before long, you’ll see someone pulled up on there/their/they’re. An indignant rebuttal will almost certainly follow, and the bystanders will be getting their popcorn out. What you’ll also notice about social media, however, is that it’s where immediacy takes precedence over accuracy. That’s understandable where being in the moment…

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Should You Write a Book and, If So, Why?

Many, many people must at sometime think “One day I’ll write a book about that”. It has certainly occurred to me, and although I have a subject in mind I’ve yet to make the time! If you want to write a book, it’s important to be clear from the start what your reasons might be. Vanity might be one of your reasons—a desire to be famous, for example. A more noble intention might be to…

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