Books Production Self-Publishing

Book Production—the Technical Part of Your Book Project

So, you’ve battled through the writing of your book, and got a finished manuscript that you’re ready to publish. You’ve done the design work needed to get your writing presented in the most attractive and professional way. The next stage is the technical process—the ‘dark art’, if you like—of book production. You need to overcome technical hurdles in any production process to get a successful finished product. It’s the same with book production. Whether your…

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Books Design Self-Publishing

How a Professional Book Designer Can Make All the Difference

Design is a subjective thing, and book design is no different. Yes, there are many good solutions to any given brief, but some things will be essential to the success of your book. A professional book designer can help you achieve those. Legibility, and ease of reading, will give the reader a good experience when they have bought your book. Not only that, the chances of a potential reader buying it, in the first place,…

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Books Self-Publishing

Is Self-Publishing Right for You and Your Book?

Not every writer can get on a publisher’s roster or, indeed, wants to. Those who don’t want to, or can’t, at least now have the option of publishing their work themselves. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that self-publishing is not a panacea and it’s not romantic. Like self-employment, you are solely responsible for everything, and much of that is probably outside your current skill-set. That doesn’t mean you are alone—there is plenty of…

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