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If the answer to your book production question isn't here, please do get in touch.

Here are answers to some questions you may have about book design and Extrabold Books. If you don’t find the answer you want, please feel free to get in touch for help.

What information do you require to give me a quote on my book design and typesetting?

Firstly, an approximate word count of your complete manuscript. A page count is not relevant at this stage as the final page count will depend on many factors (see The book design process). Any writing or word processing software will have a menu option that will calculate a word count for you.

Secondly, do you anticipate there being any additional items that need inclusion in your finished book such as illustrations, photographs, tables of data, etc.? The inclusion and possibly also creation of these will have to be factored into the cost.

If you’re not ready to talk in detail yet but would like an instant cost estimate to give you an idea how much your project would cost, get a quick estimate here.

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What is involved in the design and typesetting of a book?

See The book design process.

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Which parts of the book production process do you handle?

Once you have a complete, edited and proof-checked manuscript ready to go Extrabold will take that and create a design for the cover, a text and layout style for the text pages, and typeset the text pages, all to a finished professional standard. Your comments and wishes are taken on board during the process to ensure you are completely happy with the progress of your project.

When you are ready to approve the finished artwork for the book Extrabold will then provide you with all the necessary files for you to either hand onto your printer or to upload to an online book printing service.

Once you have your final files you are free to use them wherever, however and as often as you wish, to suit your own needs.

See also The book design process.

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Can you help with printing?

Although Extrabold does not offer a printing service — there is plenty of choice available to you in the marketplace — help and advice are always at hand on technical matters before, during and after the printing of your book.

This is not charged extra — it is part of the all-round Extrabold service, so you can rest assured that all your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion as your project progresses and you will get the printed result you want with the minimum of uncertainty and stress!

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How will my project be charged?

That depends on the nature and duration of your project, but as a rule shorter projects such as cover design only, will be charged in one bill at the successful completion of the project and longer projects such as design and typesetting of a complete book will be billed in instalments (approved design for cover and text, completion of book to print-ready stage).

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Do you charge VAT?

No, Extrabold is not currently registered for VAT so if you aren’t either, and you’re resident in the UK for example, that’s a 20% saving for you straight away!

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What is your guarantee of satisfaction?

Every book design project will be a positive, uplifting experience for the author, where they always have control of the direction, budget and final outcome, with the help they need to achieve that.

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Why are you called Extrabold and are you a company?

Extrabold is just me — designer Paul Williams — but, quite frankly, with a name as common as mine (just try a quick internet search and you’ll see) I felt it necessary to adopt a suitable business moniker to trade under. Extrabold suggested itself as both a typographical term and one that kind of summed up my design style.

Having said that, I have a number of trusted professionals to hand who have complementary specialist skills and with whom I work on projects if needed — so sometimes Extrabold is a kind of team too.

Far from wanting to sound like a large concern though, I’d actually rather people knew the core of Extrabold was just me, and that they will deal with the same experienced and conscientious professional right the way through their book production project — someone who will be there to guide them and help them get a result they can be proud of.

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