Design portfolio:
Other past projects

To give some further background and show a breadth of styles in other media, here are some examples of other past design projects.

Who knows, you might find something here that inspires you in your thinking about how your finished book could look!

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Transport Art - a range of screen-printed metal panels depicting vintage vehicles. Shown here are three vintage buses - a Bristol Lodekka, AEC Routemaster and Bristol VR.

Transport Art

In-house project

An experimental side project, Transport Art was intended to be a range of high-quality original decorative graphic art prints depicting popular vintage vehicles of historical and design interest, with an emphasis on authenticity and accuracy. The prints are metal panels, printed by hand in bold block colours using silk-screen process. If you’d like one of the Routemaster panels, there are still some available to buy on Ebay.

A stained-glass-effect window graphic and branded drinks dispenser cup

4Networking smiley graphics

4Networking Ltd

As part of the decor and signage programme at the new 4N Headquarters this lighthearted stained-glass-window-look graphic was produced using the ubiquitous 4N smiley to amusing effect. The smiley is also used on other items, like these coffee machine cups, for example.

A selection of funky t-shirt designs

4N Rocks t-shirts

4Networking Ltd

Something from the vaults! An attempt to get across the refreshingly relaxed vibe of 4Networking with some ‘cool’ t-shirts which, in the end, didn’t go into production, so they only see the light of day here!

Spoof film poster designs for wall decoration

4Networking spoof posters

4Networking Ltd

These posters, and others, have been commissioned by the Managing Director of 4Networking to add a striking and humorous touch to the boardroom at 4N Headquarters.

Logo and business card design for an indoor golf studio

Studio Golf Ayrshire logo and business card

Studio Golf Ayrshire Ltd

David, an experienced golf professional, was in the process of launching a new leisure venture, an indoor golf studio using cutting-edge technology, and he wanted a vibrant, relaxed and fun identity with which to promote it. The result is branding that welcomes families and beginners but is crisp and grown-up enough to appeal to seasoned players too — the all-round mix that David wanted.

No Red Braces logo

No Red Braces

On relaunching his marketing business under a new name, Stefan wanted a fresh new identity for it, to reflect his no-nonsense, down-to-earth, good value approach. The chosen concept achieves this, and also alludes to the launch of something new and exciting with the cutting of a ribbon — an area he helps many small businesses with (launching, that is, not cutting ribbons!).

Brochure design for an accountancy practice

Accountants brochure cover proposal

Anon. client

An accountancy firm wanted to look at a way of presenting their business in print that would show them as imaginative, creative, open and different from what people might perceive the archetypal accountants practice to be. This is one proposal for a brochure cover inspired by the work of surrealist René Magritte.

Business card design for a young writer

Young Writer business card

Madeleine Cook

A young writer, as yet unpublished, wants an impressive, well-designed card to give to people she meets as she seeks to establish herself. What better way to set it off than with some of her own writing, displayed with vibrancy and immediacy?

Willett & Son logo

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

Established in 1870, this company, which specialises in agricultural and horticultural products, has a lot of history behind it, but didn’t, until Extrabold came along, have a coherent, modern identity. In seeking out a new logo they wanted to reflect their history without looking outmoded or irrelevant. The new logo manages to combine tradition with modernity in a simple, elegant solution where, neatly, the ‘and’ becomes a symbol representing their industry.

Cropkare logo

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

This new product on the agricultural scene, which uses environmentally-friendly source materials, needed to make a splash in the marketplace with a positive, confident, natural feel. The phosphorous-potassium (PK) combination of the product was worked into the name and so is brought out in the logo. A solid start for this brand which has gone from strength to strength since its launch.

Triple roller banner design to promote a self-tanning product

Unreal triple roller banner stand

Elizabeth Cornelius

How to make an impact on a small budget stand! This solution ingeniously uses three roller banners to do the work of one pop-up stand. The composite visual made from two images catches the eye of passers-by and explains one of the product benefits in a simple and memorable way.

Packaging design for two cheese products

Cheese branding and labelling

Strathearn Cheese Company

The entrepreneurs behind this new venture approached Extrabold to submit a proposal for logo and packaging designs for their new company and first two products. They wanted to incorporate a pictish theme and use colours with a natural feel, seeking a solution that would convey quality products with provenance, to appeal to a discerning market. The suggestion shown here uses a pictish spiral design for the logo and natural heather tones of green and mauve for the labelling, plus a special wrapping printed with a repeat pattern of the spirals motif. Alas, the project did not go ahead, so it remains as shown here, at the concept stage.

True North Innovation logo

True North Innovation

Rowan runs a consultancy that focusses on innovation in business. Initially inspired by the colourful identity of a major online player that she admired, she wanted to capture some of that in her new logo. The result is a mark with an inventive feel, based on the form of an armillary sundial — a device which has to point true north in order to function correctly. A number of ideas come positively together here to form a coherent, inspiring whole, underscored by a meaningful strapline.

Unreal logo

Elizabeth Cornelius Ltd

Liz was launching a new sunless tanning product into a competitive market. Her high-quality product uses technology she’s developed to give a natural-looking tan which is attuned to the seasons and she needed an attractive visual identity for it that was right for the market. The logo uses a dual sun-and-frost motif to represent the seasonal aspect, with a vibrant colour scheme that positions it perfectly as a tanning product.

Packaging and point of sale design for an insect repellant product

Midge Magic packaging

Yumm Naturally Ltd

Yumm produces a range of hand-made natural skin products, and for this new product, a midge repellent, they wanted a brand that stood completely apart from the rest of their range; they also wanted help with the name and strapline. Extrabold helped to hone these and got multiple messages across with a strong visual identity and a touch of humour, on bottle labels and a proposed point-of-sale box.

Branding and virtual pack graphic for the website for a software product

Software Organiser virtual pack

Right2Use Ltd

Right2Use Ltd wanted to upgrade their existing identity for their Software Organiser product by evolving their existing logo and developing a visual language around that. Extrabold gave them a slick new look including this box graphic to emblazon their website with. Shown here, the revised design for Version 8, the latest version of the software.

Grass Snakes logo

Grass Snakes (band)

Grass Snakes, a UK bluegrass band, wanted a striking logo to spearhead their forthcoming debut album package, being produced in CD format. The chosen design contains a symbol based on an original American snake belt clasp, but morphed in shape so it also neatly stands in for both the ‘S’ of ‘Snakes’ and a treble clef from musical notation. Couldn’t be more apt if it tried!

Van livery graphics for a local pest control company

Strathearn Pest Control van livery

Strathearn Pest Control

Robert, owner of this small local business, was adding a new van to his fleet and wanted to take the opportunity to improve on their existing livery and make a stronger impression out on the road. Using elements of the existing identity and introducing some new ones, the new half-wrap livery makes a much bolder and more coherent statement, pushing the name right up front and reinforcing their position as a thoroughly professional and trustworthy local business.

Packaging graphics for a recycled aggregate product

Glasglo packaging graphics

Restructa Ltd

Restructa, a company specialising in electronics recycling, had built up a large stockpile of cathode ray tube glass from television and monitor screens. This they had processed into a great-looking and totally safe aggregate, ideal for domestic and commercial landscaping uses. Shown here is a suggested branding and packaging design for marketing Glasglo in a bagged, palletised form through garden and building supplies outlets. The aim was to promote Glasglo as a sophisticated and novel alternative to traditional aggregates and gravels.

Feel Better Friends logo

Feel Better Friends Ltd

Using her knowledge of car sickness in children, ‘mumpreneur’ Jacqui has fashioned a new product from scratch — a portable sick container with a friendly appearance and many useful features. With a final prototype ready it was time to get it into production and bring it to market. Her initial logo was not strong but had a solid basic idea, so the task here was to take that idea and beef it up into something worthy of a neat product.

Meyer & Marsh gift vouchers

Meyer & Marsh Ltd

This independent home furnishings store wanted a simple-but-effective design for gift vouchers for a range of prices. They wanted a straightforward, smart-looking design with colourways that would complement their no-nonsense choice of print medium, Kraft board.

Ja’Dillon logo

Ja’Dillon Wedding Stationery

Julie-Anne’s recently-established wedding stationery business had got off to a promising start, with an attractive product range and bespoke service on offer. What was missing, though, was a logo for her to use on her website and marketing materials. Cue a classy, bespoke logo from Extrabold, to do justice to her product — ta-dah!

Theatre poster and set design for an amateur dramatics production

Tales of Mirth & Mayhem

St Paul’s Players

Some time ago, when I was part of an amateur dramatics group, I directed a production that consisted of two one-act plays in the style of Chaucer, with a presentation of some stories by A A Milne in between. I hit on the idea that the two plays, whilst conjuring completely different moods, could share a common set that could be made to work for each play through simple adaptations and clever use of lighting. So for the first play, a darker tale, we had a spooky night-time background using specially-lit luminous paint which then magically transformed into a benign daytime woodland scene for the second, lighter play. Also shown is the main supporting promotional graphic for the show, where a reader’s expression is partly obscured so it is ambiguous — it could be one of amusement, or perhaps shock!