Why Extrabold Books? Creativity, experience, expertise and attention to detail, that’s why!

Years of design experience. Expertise in print production. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!


Do you want your book to look like ‘just another book’? No, of course not! Imagine how a creative, objective approach to your book design could give it the visual impact it needs, to gain the interest and respect of potential readers from the moment they first lay eyes on it.


When it comes to the cover design and text setting of your book you need someone who has put in the years honing their design and production skills.

I’m Paul Williams, owner of Extrabold Books, and your book project will benefit from my 25+ years’ experience in creative design, typesetting and artwork.

Using Extrabold Books, you’ll see how quickly your book can take shape and marvel at how pleasant the whole process can be.


The manuscript of your book no doubt represents countless hours of work to have got it to this point. So, there’s a lot resting on this next stage: turning it into a published book that does justice to your words.

You need a safe pair of hands to complete this final stage; someone with the expertise to ensure that every aspect of your finished book complements your words perfectly and, most importantly, makes people want to buy and read it!

The cover of your book needs to grab people’s attention and give a clear, concise summary of what it’s about. And then, when people flick through it, the text needs to entice people further.

Helping you to make the right decisions

With the cover design and page text setting there are so many important decisions to be made—book size; cover style; synopsis treatment on the back; fonts and text sizes; chapter style... the list goes on.

If that sounds a bit daunting, then don’t worry—help and advice, to guide you through these choices, is all part of the service. Decisions will ultimately be yours, but I’ll give you clear options to choose from.

Drawing on my wealth of experience, I’ll recommend what I believe will work most effectively for your particular book and its subject matter.

Paul Williams: book cover designer, book typesetter and ebook creator

You’ve found the right partner to help you make your book a published reality. Just get in touch today for a relaxed, no-obligation chat about your project, or a quote on your book design and creation.